Brake Masters #219 at 10221 Fairway Drive, Roseville, CA 95678

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10221 Fairway Drive, Roseville, CA 95678
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+1 916-262-7892


Establishment   Car repair  

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Opening times

Monday 07:30am — 05:30pm
Tuesday 07:30am — 05:30pm
Wednesday 07:30am — 05:30pm
Thursday 07:30am — 05:30pm
Friday 07:30am — 05:30pm
Saturday 07:30am — 05:30pm
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  • Keith Evans
    Oct, 27 2018
    ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    Complete Loss of Trust! LIARS! I've been going to Brake Masters for years for oil change, tire rotation, and inspection. I could do this service myself, but it's a very reasonable rate and they perform inspections so that I can go and fix what is found.

    Recently, I took my truck in and they reported that my rear brakes were at a critical point and needed 'IMMEDIATE' replacement where the passenger side was 4 mm and the driver’s side was 1 mm. They stated that due to the uneven wear I should have them done within ASAP. I believed them as I had previously so I ordered brakes and then put my truck on my jack and stands to find that not only are they practically OEM specification for thickness, but no variance of wear on either side (see example picture).

    I don't mind maintenance, but I do mind wasting money buying new pads and then taking time out of my weekend for nothing...


    Also, I have always enjoyed their buy three, get one free oil change, rotation and inspection. They are additionally bellyaching because I had done all the paid ones on my truck, and then sent my wife with the free change for her car. Really...? Did you sell three, yes. Was one free, yes. Give me a 'BRAKE'.

    Finally, the point of scheduling an appointment is to be seen at or near the time of appointment and not wait over an hour for my vehicles to be serviced. The last two times we've gone for oil changes, it took 2 hours for my wife's car and 3 1/2 hours for my truck. Both had appointments scheduled weeks in advance, both were instances of very poor customer service. Specifically regarding my 3/4 ton truck, yes, they do only have one lift in the shop that they can perform the change on, but that is the reason for the appointment, so that they can coordinate accordingly...
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